Welcome to WCDG

WCDG is the Waterloo community's land planning group. It has been active since 1972.

Where have all Lambeth's jobs gone?

WCDG has been going through the records and discovered that Lambeth has lost huge swathes of land and buildings which were used for employment-generating uses, mainly to swanky flats.

Garden Bridge D-Day set for 11th November

Proposals for a ‘Garden Bridge’ between the South Bank and the Temple are recommended for approval next week by Lambeth Council, despite nearly 1,000 local people signing a petition against the plans.


Southwark Residents Say No!

Southwark residents in the Blackfrairs Rd area have had enough of the Council's approach to planning - and are ready to block traffic in protest!


Waterloo at the tipping point?

Waterloo is set for 2,500 additional homes, 15,000 additional workers, thousands of additional students, 4 million additional tourists, dozens of additional skyscrapers... Have we reached the tipping point?

Boris' Blackfriars Rd Superhighway threatened with legal action

Last week Transport for London (TfL) began a major public consultation on what would be Europe's largest segregated cycle superhighway through central London from the Elephant to King's Cross which will affect all traffic and pedestrians in the area. But the £48m scheme is under threat of legal action by businesses who will be affected along the route, who claim the result will be a huge increase in congestion and gridlock for drivers.

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