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Last AGM for WCDG?


WCDG AGM Wednesday 26th November at 7pm


This will be WCDG’s 42nd AGM since 1972... but could it be our last?


WCDG has received a grant since the 1980’s, but Lambeth has been cutting it and next spring the grant finishes. This will mean we can no longer employ staff to consult residents, lobby the council, support projects, object to bad planning applications, and develop community resources in Waterloo.

But Waterloo continues to change and residents still face a torrent of development proposals which could harm residential amenity or improve the neighbourhood. How can WCDG remain effective?

We have over 40 years of experience dealing with thousands of planning applications, leading hundreds of campaigns, participating in 70 public inquiries, and running hundreds of consultation meetings. WCDG has helped campaigners at Coin Street, Jubilee Gardens, Lower Marsh, Millennium Green, and hundreds of other places. How can we use that wealth of knowledge and experience?

In the future WCDG will have to be run by volunteers.

This isn’t new – we currently have 6 volunteers who come in once a week and help keep tabs on planning applications, write letters, organise meetings, lead on campaigns, and help run the office. Without paid staff we will need to do more of this – and we will have to reduce some of the inessential work and concentrate on the things that really matter to local residents.

The first step will be at the AGM, where we will need to elect a new Chair and Management Committee, who are the first line of volunteers who help the organization and oversee the direction of the organization.

Tim Pollard, Chair 2013-14 will be stepping down, as will Andy Kenward (Treasurer), so we need a new Chair to lead the organization, and some new management committee members to help them.

Please consider becoming a member of the management committee – you can download a nomination form here


The existing grassed site
An image of the bridge’s southern landing
An enhanced image showing the likely crowds


Have your say on the Garden Bridge

Proposals for a ‘Garden Bridge’ between the South Bank and the Temple are recommended for approval by Lambeth Council, despite nearly 1,000 local people signing a petition against the plans.

The proposals have met a chorus of disapproval at several well-attended public meetings in Waterloo over the summer, including concerns about

  • The impact of 7 million visitors on the South Bank, including 3.5m new tourists, up 70% on current numbers at peak times
  • The impact on views of St Paul’s and the City from Waterloo Bridge and along the South Bank
  • Development of a large commercial building on the riverwalk
  • The lack of toilets for 7 million visitors
  • Questions about the amount of public subsidy (£60m) and the lack of certainty around the £3m annual bill for maintenance, management and clean-up of the South Bank

Read the full story ...


Where are all of Lambeth’s jobs going?


WCDG has discovered that Lambeth has lost huge swathes of land and buildings which were used for employment-generating uses, but have been lost to swanky flats.

Space for up to 12,000 jobs has been lost in Waterloo and along the Albert Embankment over the past decade, despite having targets of providing 40,000 jobs in Vauxhall and Waterloo. Recent losses include 69-71 Bondway, Hercules House, Westminster Tower (3 Albert Embankment) and a number of sites along Waterloo Road. An application to turn the British Pharmaceutical Society HQ near Lambeth Bridge into flats is currently with planners.

Read the full story ...


November 2014


I am writing to object to further proposition towards the proposed 'Garden Bridge'. We need more greenery and open spaces in order for us here as residents to enjoy our space and scenery and its history.

Sign/RT/share this online petition to stop the development of the Garden Bridge

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